Buyer protection

Worry about purchasing from The Watch Bank? Worry not, we have buyer protection to secure all of your purchase! 



Authenticity Guarantee

We will ensure that all of our product is 100% authentic. However, if you do have any doubts regarding on the authenticity of a watch purchased from The Watch Bank, please contact us either through WhatsApp interaction or through our contact form within 3 days of receiving your order. We'll help you find the best possible solution. In the unlikely case of the product being fake, you'll receive a refund.

Payment via Trusted Checkout

All of the transaction that is made is secured by the third party payment method. The platform that we use is Stripe and Paypal which are a trusted payment platform.

Insured Shipments

We ship every order fully insured and with a tracking number. You will be able to check your shipping progress through the courier website with the provided track number.

Personalized Support

Our support team would be happy to offer you any guidance they can throughout the entire purchasing process. Whether you have questions about a particular watch or the purchase itself, The Watch Bank support team is always available to assist you to the best of their ability.